Here at Unique Day Spa we offer a relaxing, calming atmosphere with private Spa rooms for singles, couples and small groups, where you can enjoy Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, shower; all in the comfort of your own private Spa room.

You can add to your Unique Day Spa experience by enjoying a bottle of wine or bubbly while you soak away your worries and your stress.

You can make your Unique Day Spa experience even more relaxing by adding a massage, spending some time in our uniquely designed Salt Room, having a session in our Presso Therapy Room or have a ‘’zero gravity’’ sleep in our Dry Floatation Room.

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4th October 2021

Relax & Unwind With Unique Day Spa Services

When life has you all wound up and tense, you need a place to relax and unwind and that place for Dubliners is the surroundings of our Unique Day Spa. Offering a range of full and half-day packages, we’re able to provide services that are tailored for both individuals and groups for a great spa day experience. Whether you’re visiting us on your own, with your partner or as part of a group of friends, we have spa rooms, steam rooms, hot tubs and massages for you to enjoy.
2nd October 2021

The Wellness Products Available at Unique Day Spa

At Unique Day Spa in Dublin, we offer the full range of spa services that are designed to reinvigorate the mind and body. We also complement these total-relaxation services with a range of natural beauty and wellness products created by Olos that nourish and replenish the skin. Containing the purest and most natural elements, the products we offer provide your skin with a warm and supportive embrace that relaxes the mind and helps the stresses and strains of daily life simply melt away. It’s products like these that complement the many other amazing services we offer.
12th November 2021

The Many Benefits of Unique Day Spa Private Rooms

The private rooms at the Unique Day Spa in Dublin are popular for many reasons, with the main one perhaps relating to the intense relaxation and peace that they provide to everyone who spends some quality time in them.
12th November 2021

November Offer For 20% off Mid – Weekday Massages

20% off for any mid week massage for the month of November ( between 10am and 4pm) / Must be booked 24hr in advance. We do […]