Unique InfraShape Room


Unique InfraShape Room

The InfraShape Horizontal is a fitness device combining physical exercise on a recumbent bike with under pressure massage vacuum technology, infrared heating and collagen production benefits. Enjoy cardio exercise on a luxury bike chair in a comfortable lying down position.

Through advanced vacuum compression & infrared technology, the InfraShape Horizontal activates your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat.

The InfraShape Horizontal combines several innovative technologies in one device. Benefits include body rejuvenation, weight loss, fat cells elimination, detoxification and relaxation.


The benefits of our InfraShape Bikes

• Cellulite elimination
• Body shape enhancement
• Loss of excessive calories
• Increased blood circulation resulting in improved elasticity and firmer skin
• Improvement of circulation and lymphatic system
• Increased physical condition
• Elimination of ‘cold feet’ syndrome
• Fast burning of fatty tissue
• Improved physical and mental state
• Weight loss