18th April 2023

What is Presso Therapy? 

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and dealing with swollen legs or poor circulation? Presso therapy, also known as compression therapy, is an innovative treatment that […]
24th June 2022

What does a Day Spa Offer?

Put simply, a day spa is a spa that you can visit and enjoy on one single day.  As the name suggests, a day spa doesn’t […]
24th June 2022

What is a Spa Day Package?

Spa days can be incredible, restorative opportunities to relax and unwind either alone or with family and friends, but we know that for some it’s their […]
24th June 2022

Can you Have a Spa Day when Pregnant?

For many pregnant women, a spa day might feel like a dream come true. Pregnancy is likely to make you feel drained, or even exhausted, especially […]
21st June 2022

What is a Floatation Room?

Have you been looking to improve your sleep, blood circulation and just relax? Our lives have become busier than ever, so we must remember to take […]